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Re: [T3] scanning documents

	I would say that it depends on the nature of the document; you may
indeed want to use the "line art" or "black and white" setting.

	This can work well for, say, black text printed on dark purple
paper.  With typical scanner software, if you chose the "black and white"
setting (that is, not color, not greyscale, but literally black and white),
you can set the white point -- that is, the brightness threshold below
which everything is set to black, and above which everything is set to

	With my pretend black-on-purple document, the purple paper will be
just a tad lighter than the black text; when the threshold is set just
right, it'll count the paper as white and the text as black.  (A little too
far one way and the whole page will be black; a little too far the other,
and it'll all be counted as white.)

	Oh -- you'll probably also want to increase the resolution to a
relatively high value when scanning in "black and white" or "line art"
mode.  For typically-sized fonts on printed pages, something like 300dpi is
often appropriate.  After scanning such a document, it's often quite useful
to convert to greyscale in roughly a 3:1 or 4:1 (linear) ratio, if the
resulting image is intended to be viewed all-at-once on a computer monitor.
If you're trying to re-create the original document's look, you could try
to be smooth and re-fill the white with the original document's paper
color... depends on what you're after, I suppose.

	The classic primer on scanning is Wayne's http://www.scantips.com/
-- it's *amazing*.


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