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[T3] Dist Drive Progress (or lack thereof)

Jim & All:

How can I tell by looking if it's ("it" being the distributor
driveshaft) in the right position or not? The offset more or less
matches the pix in various manuals when I have the engine in #1
position. If it is off by one tooth, as has been repeatedly suggested
here, would the offset groove be moved significantly (like say 15 or
more degrees)? Or could it still look like it was in correctly, even
when installed off-kilter?

What does the tool to remove this bear look like? My FLAPS is out of
stock at the moment, but that's OK, as I really don't want to spend over
$25 for a tool I'll use every blue moon. How does this special tool
work, anyway? Is there a picture anywhere online?

This weekend has been one frustrating disappointment after another,
before even dealing with the Square. The weather outside now is pretty
gorgeous (though still cold, it is at least sunny), and I've been out
for the past hour and a half trying to coak the shaft up out of its
hole. My circlip pliers won't get a good hold on it; they just slip as I
start to pull the shaft out. The best tool so far has been a flat wooden
slat tapped into the offset grooves, but I can only get the shaft to
move about an inch or so upward (and counter-clockwise simultaneously)
with any method. Then <click> that's all she wrote.

Am I resigned to buying "the tool?" Grrrrrr.....

Sorry to be crabby. I must get a mantra or something. ("Calm blue
ocean...calm blue ocean..."

Thanks for everything, volks,
Squareback Rescue Adventure 2000

Jim Adney wrote:

To start with, was it in the wrong position?

It has to rotate CCW as it lifts up. There is often a wear ridge that it
has to clear to get out, or perhaps it is a bit of deposit in the bore
where nothing normally contacts the drive gear. I often find that I just
have to keep at it and suddenly it will just come out.

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