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[T3] Air Cooled Heaven

I have been on a business trip to Mexico City for the last 2 weeks. I now 
know where the breeding ground is for new 68 BUGS...... for every 6 cars, one 
is a newly manufactered 1600 aircooled bug, and out of those 2/3 are TAXIS!  
I have seen at least 25 of our Type III distant cousins, THE BRAZILIA 
Squareback (looks like a cross between a Square and a 411). Some are very 
nice and others look like they are on their last leg. They do have the stock 
ALTERNATOR on them that was especialy designed for the Type III engine that 
went into these cars. The fan shroud is different in that it is designed to 
hold the shape of the alternator. Alas, these parts are not easy to find down 
here. I have asked several VW dealers and someone called a few wrecking yards 
with out any luck. It looks like Toby and me are still the only ones with the 
alternator mod that works. 

On another note, I have looked for new cylinder heads and have found the new 
ones in the USA are really a bit cheaper than what I can get them for here. 
890 pesos is about $89.00 and there are several sources for these in Hot VW 
Magazine... sigh

Now that the Type II boys in Northern Baja (San Diego) have gotten together 
and the San Fransisco group is on their heels, what about Los Angeles getting 
together? If not, maybe Matt will let us visit his mettings!?!? 

Thanks to you all for keeping them on the road, Pat@Volksclocks

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