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Re: [T3] FI Wiring

Subject: Re: [T3] FI Wiring

> Russ, since yours has no #14 wire there, does it HAVE the extra
> cold start valve wiring?

This is just a piece of the harness from the ECU to just into the engine
compartment. Some butcher had cut it off when they converted the thing to a
carb. Too bad too, as it was a replacement harness, (newer than the car).
It has never had the extra piece screwed onto ECU edge connector. There are
no signs of threads from the metal screws in the plastic of the edge
connector. :={

> I have one 68-9 harness with the extra wiring for the CSV. This one
> has #14 empty, but my others (68-9,  without CSV) have #14 wired
> from the pressure switch. My Bosch literature shows this wire
> here, but it does not show the wiring for the 68-9 harness with the
> CSV.
> My 70-1 harnesses seem to have no #14 wire, but the 72-3 years
> do.
> The documentation is confusing....
This does seem confusing.

BTW, I checked with another source on the ECU schematics. He doesnt have
any. But I did hit the first guy up again today, and he said maybe in the
spring when he has more time, and it is not so cold.

Russ Wolfe

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