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Re: [T3] Wheel Paint

Dave Hall wrote:

>>From '64 it depends on model:-
Black L41 was basic wheel colour from '64 to '66, then grey/black L43
as handbrake, steering column etc) '67 through '69.
Higher spec had disc L41 and rim L87 for '66;  disc L43 and rim L282
white, or L680 Cumulus white (for VW blue) for '67 and '68; disc L43 and
L581 cloud white for '69.<<

Not to beat a dead horse (and this thread is really getting to be one),
but I respectfully disagree: as Russ has pointed out the models with
deluxe level trim from 64-69 had solid black (or grey-black) wheels
because they were meant to have anodized aluminum trim rings. It's the
base level trim models that got the contrasting white rim since they
didn't get trim rings. It's all in the parts list and I've seen sales
brochures that confirm it.

You're right about the various white paint codes for the outer wheel
rims. In some years VW used warm white for warm body colors and cool
white for blue cars. No wheels were painted to match the body color
after August 63, at least according to the parts list. Of course there
must be exceptions out there.

OK, enough trainspotting already...

62 343, 65 361

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