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Re: [T3] stripped studs

On 19 Jan 2001, at 16:01, Herman Haustein wrote:

> Same here, I just had this problem fixed a second time.
> Is you case 10mm or 8mm studs ?
> mine were fixed from 8mm inside 12mm outside to 8mm inside 14mm
> outside. Get a good place to do it and don't overtorque (that' s how I
> lost mine)

Two important lessons here:  

1) The 8mm head studs are a good idea!  

2) The torque spec for the 8mm studs is DIFFERENT from that for 
the 10mm studs. You must get the 8mm spec from a manual that 
covers cars that came with 8mm studs.  

The reason the spec is different is that, because the thread size 
(and pitch?) is different, a different torque is required to achieve the 
SAME amount of clamping force.  

This number is SO important that I don't even try to remember it. I 
look it up each time I need it.  

Another thing that is useful to understand is that as the engine 
warms up the cylinders expand more than the studs. Thus the 
tension on the studs INCREASES as the engine warms up. This is 
why studs can pull out even if they seemed to hold torque, 
especially if the engine runs hotter than normal.   

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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