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Re: [T3] Solex Tuning

Well, you probably would be better off increasing main jet size by one (from
130 to 132.5), rather than trying to compensate by adjusting the mixture, I
If you do increase main jet you may also try changing air correction jet, I
don't remember if bigger or smaller but I could check it for you.
This type of thing needs some experimenting.

I like the mild cam and exhaust combination, I think the solexes are fine
for a good mid range.
However, I would get my heads a "flow job" per the Bill Fisher book, and
install head temp gauges as you won't have any "heating" - exhaust cooling,


> Eventually I plan on putting a VERY mild cam in my
> Fasback (during stock rebuild) along with an after-
> market exhaust. I understand that with the stock
> jetting, etc. of my dual 32PDSIT's, it may run warm
> due to a lean condition. Anyone know of ways to tune
> these carbs to compensate? When I rebuild, the heads
> will remain stock and maybe an Engle 100 camshaft,
> along with either a dual quiet pack or 4 tip GT
> exhaust. Other than this the engine's flow parts will remain stock.
> Marc Bona
> 1967 Fastback 1600
> New Mexico
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