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[T3] build it yourself (was RE:GEX=reliable)

At 09:11 01/01/18 -0600, Jim Adney wrote:
>Pretty good advice, or consider doing it slowly yourself. You are 
>bound to make mistakes as a novice, but nobody cares as much 
>about your car as you do.
>The right books and the right advice will go a long way toward 
>getting the job done well.

	I second Jim's reccommendation.  I rebuilt the engine that's in my
squareback now; slowly collected parts and read books for the better part
of two years, then started putting it together.  (luckily I had another
engine in the car at the time, even though it leaked oil from every place
an engine could leak oil)  Now I have about fifteen hundred miles on it,
and it's very rewarding to hear it every time I fire it up.  It runs quite
nicely, and I took it to a shop to get the carbs adjusted (I lack a sync
tool) and the compression test showed all four within a couple of pounds of
each other, so I think I did all right.  It really wasn't all that
painstaking or difficult, and didn't require a whole lot of specialized
tools or anything..  I had to borrow a torque wrench, but that was about
it.  I think my point is, if I can do it, you probably can too.  And it was

'66 squareback, '70 beetle
(by the way, I posted some pics of my square that Andre took:)

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