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RE: [T3] FI Wiring

> They are not marked, so the schematics would be needed, or else a
> very good
> understanding of electornics. And the ablitity to trace the
> circuits on the
> board.

It would take a good general knowledge of electronic theory (mostly
component ID and schematic diagrams) tons of patience to trace the circuits
out.  Hey Mark, what are you doing now that you got your FI fixed?  Sorry,
couldn't resist that one - wish I had that kind of patience myself...

> Actually, these units are not very sophisticated as far as
> electronics go. I
> think that the orginal Bosch engineers believed in the "Kiss" principle.
> (Keep it simple stupid"). They are basically an analog to digital
> comverter.
> Analog signals in, (temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc)
> and digital
> signals out (injector pulses). I have had a few of the units
> open, and they
> are mostly resistor, capacitors, and a few transistors. If I
> remember right,
> there is not an integrated circuit in the thing.

If I remember right, there are a few of the "old school" integrated circuits
on the board.  They look like teeny-tiny mechanical spiders with 6 - 10 legs
apiece.  Could really freak you out if you were ~.5 mm tall and standing on
the board.  The biggest problem I saw when I gawked at a spare I had out of
the case was identifying the components - kind of hard to find a good
reference for 30 year old electronic components.  Troubleshooting would be
easy with a schematic, and repairs would be easy on a board like that.
Easier than the "book of matches" sized version of the circuit they could
build using today's components.  Plenty of room to work on stuff.

Jake "I can't spell elecktronikz teknician, but I are one" Kooser

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