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Re: [T3] FI Wiring

Subject: RE: [T3] FI Wiring

> Are the grids on the boards clearly marked and self-explanatory?  Or do we
> need your friend's schematics to interpret them?

They are not marked, so the schematics would be needed, or else a very good
understanding of electornics. And the ablitity to trace the circuits on the

> I can see how solder connections and maybe localized corrosion of the PC
> boards in there can lead to "ECU failure".  How about the solid-state
> components themselves?  Does this sort of stuff tend to deteriorate on its
> own under normal operating conditions?  Voltage spikes excluded, I guess.
Actually, these units are not very sophisticated as far as electronics go. I
think that the orginal Bosch engineers believed in the "Kiss" principle.
(Keep it simple stupid"). They are basically an analog to digital comverter.
Analog signals in, (temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc)  and digital
signals out (injector pulses). I have had a few of the units open, and they
are mostly resistor, capacitors, and a few transistors. If I remember right,
there is not an integrated circuit in the thing.

Russ Wolfe

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