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Re: [T3] I Am Curious, Squareback

On 17 Jan 2001, at 15:26, Michael Carmody wrote:

> I have a few varied questions regarding my '67 Squareback.
> 1) The distributor that came with it cannot be turned far enough
> counterclockwise (that's anticlockwise for some of you outside the
> USA) to get it into proper time.

It is likely that the dist drive gear has been installed incorrectly. 
This is common since the correct position is different from that for 
a Beetle. Your manual will show you how this should look.

> 3)  But I can't find
> ANYWHERE new window crank handles for inside. My original ones have
> most of the white plastic knobs broken off, and it's hard to roll the
> windows up and down.

I MAY have a good used pair of these. Tell me how these attach to the 
shaft and I'll check. What's the shaft diameter?

> 4) I am also looking for a front license plate bracket.

I should have one of these. It may take some doing to find.

> The Square has a notable shimmy about 35 mph, and the brakes still
> don't work worth a damn. I think one of the front disc calipers is
> hanging. I already replaced the center brake line (now THAT'S a
> bitch!) and bled the system, but it needs a four-corner going-over. 

I can rebuild everything if you are interested. This is a much better 
option than buying new.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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