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Re: [T3] Wheel Paint

Up to July 63, chassis 221,974, two colour wheel codes are quoted;
choices depended on body colour, and were (car body/disc/rim):-

black L41/slate L464/stone beige L471
ruby red L456 (typo reads L465)/cadmium red L457/stone beige L471
gulf blue L390/royal blueL393/misty grey L392
pearl white L87/clay beige L479/pearl white L87
anthracite L469/slate L464/stone beige L471 (from 016 732)
birch green L511/velvet green L512/silk green L513 (from 058 490)

>From '64 it depends on model:-
Black L41 was basic wheel colour from '64 to '66, then grey/black L43 (same
as handbrake, steering column etc) '67 through '69.
Higher spec had disc L41 and rim L87 for '66;  disc L43 and rim L282 Lotus
white, or L680 Cumulus white (for VW blue) for '67 and '68; disc L43 and rim
L581 cloud white for '69.

Aug 69 on is chrome coloured L91 disc and rim.

Details from the parts book, so fairly reliable, but not guaranteed
error-free!  Sadly, the wheel colour codes now mean nothing to paint
suppliers, though the body colours should still be mixable.  I don't know if
VW still has formulae for mixing wheel colours.

So it seems you could have two-tone right through to the silver ones (which
as Jim points out were also two tone for the next couple of years, if you
take off the hubcaps or look behind them!).   I suspect it stopped in '71 as
my Oct 72 had the whole wheel silver (well, all four!).
I've repainted the late silver ones with Smoothrite (a metal paint which
sticks to anything and mustn't be over-painted for some months until fully
cured - you probably have something similar in the 'States).  It's an
excellent match for the non-lacquered ones.  The earlier ones had clear
lacquer over the top, which seems to have been dropped later (I'm pretty

They say you learn something every day.  Phew!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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