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re:stripped studs

On 18 Jan 2001, at 8:29, Jack Fisher wrote:

> Jim, everything stock.  The motor is not the original, it's a U
> case(late model T3?).  The place I got it from said that my engine was
> getting too hot and that's why the studs pulled out.  Replaced plugs,
> wires , and the air bellow and clamps and rebuilt the carbjust to make
> sure.  Engine was not running hot as far as I could tell.  I followed
> the Muir book on tightening the bolts, both torque and pattern.  I
> forgot to mention that this is the right(1&2) side that has had the
> problem. Anybody else had this problem?

It's possible that it was in poor shape before you got it, but this still 
seems unlikely, because of the case inserts. Were the inserts new 
when you first used this case? No type 3 OE cases (except 
replacement cases) came with inserts from the factory, so I 
suppose it's possible that this case had been inserted and then 
abused BEFORE you got it.

As to cooling, do you have ALL the sheet tin? There are a number 
of parts that tend to get forgotten and lost even though they are 
important. It's worth looking at the pictures in the Bentley to make 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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