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Just to add fuel to the fire...

The engine currently installed in our Fastback is a GEX rebuild, and while 
it still isn't completely broken in yet, I haven't had any trouble with 
it.  Runs fine, no weird noises, and what I was able to check about the 
engine without tearing it down looks fine.  I've heard a lot of bad reports 
about GEX engines over the years, and I was a bit leery when I saw their 
sticker on this one when I went to look at it, but decided to take a 
chance.  Maybe I've gotten lucky; maybe they were doing a better job when 
this one was built.

This engine was bought from them by someone else about five years ago.  The 
PO installed it into his '73 Square, and after the iniitial breakin, took 
it on a test run and drove about 50 miles before he wrapped the front of 
the car around a tree.  The engine was pulled and stored (with all holes 
plugged) until I came along in April and bought it and a bunch of other 
stuff for $200.  I figured that I could take a chance, and if it turned out 
to be a piece of dookie I still didn't get screwed too bad.  Also got 
several late T3 taillights, a few front indicators, some NOS Hella 
headlight rings, an extra Bently manual, and an in-box Bosch-rebuilt 
starter.  He'd gotten out of VW's and gone into Volvos (ack!).

YMMV, of course.  With the general reputation that GEX has, if I were 
looking at buying a rebuilt engine right off the floor (or catalog or 
whatever) I'd steer clear of them.  My situation was ... different. =)

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