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Re: Wheel Paint

Jim Adney wrote:

>>I'm pretty sure that the 68-9 wheels were all black. Starting in MY
70 (Aug 69) the wheels were STILL painted all black, but the
outside face, from the hubcap outward only, was oversprayed in
silver. Since this is everything you can normally see, most people
assume that the wheel is all silver, which wasn't true.
Does anyone know when the last year that the early two-tone
wheels were last available?<<

You're right about the wheels on deluxe trim models in the 69 model
year, they were all black too, my mistake. I misread the Parts List:
silver painted wheels started in August 69 for the 70 model year. I
don't doubt that wheels after 1970 were painted silver only on the
outside. Was this true through the end of production? Apparently VW
called these "silver" in the Parts List since that's what was visible
from the outside.
I also found out that there was one year--1969--that a Fastback could
have come from the factory with two tone wheels: the 1600T model (base
level trim). According to the Parts List all Fastbacks before August 68
had deluxe trim, and so would have had all-black wheels.
Andre is right about the early wheels, all were two tone up to August
63. Each car color had its own wheel color combination. From 64 through
69 deluxe models had black wheels and base models had black center/white

All of this info is from the VW Parts List, which isn't always 100%
accurate. Send your complaints to VW, not to me!

62 343, 65 361

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