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Re: [T3] Starter to Blame? - Out of Ideas

On 17 Jan 2001, at 18:03, Matt Small wrote:

> I am having a heck of a time figuring out what is to blame for my
> starter problems.  I am about to turn to the starter itself.  The FI
> checks out ok, I ran a test on injectors and such, and everything is
> working.  But here is the degrading status of my car.  It cranks, but
> not fast enough to engage. I can push the gas and let it up slowly
> while I crank it and it usually speeds up to give me just barely
> enough to start it. I have checked all the connections I know about. 

Connections to check:

Both ends of the battery ground cable.
Both ends of the battery hot cable.
Both ends of the ground strap from the body to the tranny.

Especially check the connections to the battery posts. The posts 
are tapered and you may have to remove the clamp and spread it 
so that the clamp can slide ALL the way down onto the post before 
you tighten it in place. Do NOT hammer the clamps onto the posts 
as this is likely to ruin the battery.

A connection that look perfectly good may still be bad. You may 
need to loosen each connection, move it around, and retighten it 
just to break the oxide layer that may be insulating it. If you take it 
all the way apart, this is a good time to smear all the parts with 
grease just to prevent future corrosion.

Try starting with jumper cables. If this helps a lot, then you 
probably need a new battery.

If all these things are fine, then it's time to suspect the starter. 
Starter brushes DO wear down with time and use, but usually they 
just stop connecting one day and the starter will seem dead. It is 
also quite possible that the starter bushing in the transmission 
housing (if it is a MT) is worn out; this prevents proper alignment of 
the starter and will make the starter run slow.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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