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how good are the GEX engines?
i am thinking about getting a type 3 turnkey engine.
mine has over 200,000 miles on it.


....well, with my Fasty, came the last engine. It was
a rebuild the PO had installed and it had grenaded 
after only app. 10,000 miles. He threw it in for
me to use for parts for the low mileage engine that he installed in the car to replace it. Looking at it,
curiosity got me and I decided to pull it apart. First
thing I discovered was the GEX stamp on the case. After
pulling it into pieces, I discovered all the rod bearings scuffed with one turned, the crank was cut
WAY undersize, the case was align bored WAY oversize, 
the heads, even though they still looked pretty and 
new, were a poor POOR attempt at rebuilding a screwed
set of heads. The heads looked to have been welded
to repair cracked combustion chambers and a piss-poor
(excuse my potty mouth) job done of it. All but one of
the spark plug threads had inserts installed. The only
parts I managed to save off of this engine were the
pistons and cylinders(not a mark on 'em).I contacted
the PO and he verified that he had bought the engine
from GEX to the tune of somewheres around $800.00.
Needless to say, after having no luck with the 
waranty dept. at GEX, he had nothing good to say about
them. Is that enough of an answer? You'd be better off
hiring a mechanic you know and trust to build you an
engine using parts you know are good quality.Using 
parts you buy assures noone can make money off of you
by cutting corners using junk parts. Hope this helps.
1967 Fastback 1600
New Mexico 

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