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Re: [T3] I Am Curious, Squareback

>1) The distributor that came with it cannot be turned far enough
>counterclockwise (that's anticlockwise for some of you outside the USA)
>to get it into proper time. The vacuum unit on the exterior of the dizzy

	Now, imagine this...

	Unplug the four spark plug wires.  Now, don't put them aside --
just suspend them magically above the holes from whence they came.  You can
even start out with #1 in firing position, so that the rotor is near the #1
plug lead.

	Loosen the distributor clamp so that the distributor can rotate.
Rotate the distributor 90 degrees either way (or 180 degrees, if you'd

	Now, of course, the rotor did not move -- it's in sync with the
engine's position.  The pistons are still arranged in the #1 firing
position, and the #1 plug lead is still right there above the rotor.

	Stick the plug wires back in.

	You've now shifted the distributor body by 90 or 180 degrees, and
can fine-tune your timing by a couple of degrees and drive away.

	The one overall problem with this is that there's that #1 timing
mark on the distributor body, and it's no longer on #1.  This means that
#3's slightly retarded distributor cam lobe is now serving another cylinder.

	If it's a Type III distributor you've got, it should be designed to
work in just the right orientation... unless... can't the distributor drive
gear be installed in the wrong orientation?

	Or maybe it's just that the #1 timing mark on the distributor body
is already in the wrong position, and you need to do the "magic" above to
get it set back right again...

	Anyway, this may let you get by without having to spend dough.  If
this trick allows you to set the timing correctly for now, I'd say use the
time it buys you to figure out why it's wacky to begin with.


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