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Re: [T3] Wheel Paint, Imron Warning!!!!

  Imron is one of the worst paints that you could breathe!!!!! Painter's
life times were measured in number of paint jobs-and 50 made you a VERY old
painter! That paint will give you a terrible case of chemical synthetizing.
You can get sick from the smell of anything, from like opening a beer to the
perfume somebody is wearing at the other end of the mall. And it can be much
worse than that!

  Here in the aero biz (which is what the paint was developed for) it has
ruined many lives. You can feel pretty normal but if you were to cut
yourself, you bleed this purple colored blood. The company I work for has
paid and is paying many people that can not function any longer in a normal
world. Many medical problems are related to this type of paint. It was too
late for many before the true nature of it was understood. Take this and
Russ' warning.

  And all you other wanna be painters and home hobbyists, take heed of the
warning labels on this stuff, paints are one of the worst chemical
concoctions and can kill or affect your health for life. That is why it is
so damn expensive and hard to get in some areas. Rattle can paint isn't
quite so bad but still not good for you.

 Please use the best respirator you can get, airlines are the best.

btw, I use  Krylon Dull Aluminum #1403 for the stocker wheels.

> > I just went to our local Body Shop Supply store and bought a
> > gallon of Imron Silver which they had premixed for someone by
> > mistake.

> Watch the fumes from Imron, I think you need an air breathing system with
> it.
> Russ Wolfe
> http://www.classicvw.org/


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