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[T3] I Am Curious, Squareback

Hello, Volks:

I have a few varied questions regarding my '67 Squareback.

1) The distributor that came with it cannot be turned far enough
counterclockwise (that's anticlockwise for some of you outside the USA)
to get it into proper time. The vacuum unit on the exterior of the dizzy
runs into the oil cooler shroud tin, leaving the car about 2.5 degrees
retarded. My plan is to get a Bosch 009 ASAP, but I'm about as broke as
an election year promise. I wondered if any of you whiz-kids here on the
list could give me some tips on getting the one I already have in the
car to work properly. Anybody who wants to help, I can gladly send
photos (digicam rocks!)...you can private mail me at carmody@kcisp.net
if you like, so we don't clutter up the other listees' inboxes.

2) I have the (I believe) 32-PICT Solex dual carb setup on my Square,
and one of them appears to be missing the idle air screw, yet the car
still runs. I am perplexed by this...if the screw is missing, then
shouldn't the engine run very badly, if at all? Especially with dual
carbs? Is it possible that the screw has broken off inside the carb
body? Or is it a case of complete user error, with me being the idiot?
(I have not ruled out this option, as it seems highly likely. My idiot
quotient lately has been alarmingly high.)

3) The interior of my Square is pretty damned nice, considering I bought
the car sight unseen on eBay for $255. The original door panels
(two-tone) are still in place, though someone cut speaker holes in them;
the headliner is awesome, seats are nice (well, the rails have the
standard broken plastic slides, but there you go), even the dash has
only a couple cracks, around the speaker grille. Hell, it even came with
a working AM/FM cassette deck! I got the dome light and instrument panel
lights working (finally), and have been tinkering with the short in one
of the Hella driving lights. But I can't find ANYWHERE new window crank
handles for inside. My original ones have most of the white plastic
knobs broken off, and it's hard to roll the windows up and down. (Not as
hard as it was before a little WD-40 treatment, though.) So, riddle me
this, Volksfans: where can I get a pair?

4) I am also looking for a front license plate bracket. My square has
two bolts in the center of the sheetmetal above the bumper and below the
hood. I have seen pix of other similar cars with a plate bracket mounted
about there. Any ideas? I got a keen '67 Kansas tag to sport on the
front, but no way to slap it on there. (BTW: Kansas now retro-tags
antiques! You can legally sport vintage tags, which the state
re-commissions for your car! Pretty freakin' cool, if you ask me. And
the Square will be officially antique in less than a year!)

In other Squareback Rescue Adventure 2000 News:

The film we shot on our mad dash to Wisconsin to retrieve the Square has
been accidentally mixed in with a number of other rolls of undeveloped
film. So it will probably be a while before I have those pix online at
the SRA2000 site. Grrrr...

I have driven Yoko (she's not a Beatle, but she's in the family) around
my neighborhood numerous times, most recently over to my friend Jeff's
house, where he has been turning his garage into a Tool Time fantasy
workshop. Hot air, clean cement floor, welder, compressor, whoo! I'm
getting goosebumps! The Square has a notable shimmy about 35 mph, and
the brakes still don't work worth a damn. I think one of the front disc
calipers is hanging. I already replaced the center brake line (now
THAT'S a bitch!) and bled the system, but it needs a four-corner

Also, anyone who needs vinyl stickers made, websites designed, any kind
of graphic work or copywriting, drop me a line! I work cheap, and love
to barter.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I had a lot of pent-up questions
and such. Thanks for being part of this fantastic support system!

Squareback Rescue Adventure 2000

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