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Re: [T3] How many bolts hold the pan to the body of my fast?

On 16 Jan 2001, at 17:27, Robert Noordermeer wrote:

> Well the weather is starting to clear up and get warmer over here in
> Memphis, and after a mouth or so of not working on my fasty I'm ready
> to get back to work.  Besides removing the wiring and the break lines,
> the body is ready to be removed from the pan.  My question is how many
> bolts hold the body/pan together and are there any surprises I should
> look forward to, ie hidden bolts etc.  Also should I leave the doors
> on or can I take them off of the body when removing it from the pan.

Not sure of the bolt count, but it's sure to be the number in your 
bolt bucket + 1 or 2.  ;-) Don't miss the bolts that go down to the 
top of the shock towers on the rear subframe.

I'd remove the doors, if only to get them out of the way and make the 
body lighter. In fact, I'd pull everything you possibly can before 
separating the body from the pan, doors hood, fenders, glass. You'll 
have to pull the gas tank and separate the steering column, so you 
might as well pull the whole column, too.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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