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[T3] parts WANTED and FOR SALE

Here's some parts I'm looking for, and some parts I have for sale or swap:


Weber ICT carb rebuild kits
electric fuel pump (not stock, I need a Facet or something like that)
wood slat roof rack for Square
T3 Bamboo under-dash parcel tray
pair of 69-earlier bumpers
one of them chrome fan belt shroud top covers
pair of early rear fenders for Square/Fasty


4 engines, some complete, some just longblocks, $100-$150 each
fuel injection stuff
generators, starters
stock exhaust
fenders-70-later T3, got a few front and back


early 60's door, some late 60's/70's doors
lotsa windows
rear decklids, some later, a couple pre-68
lotsa engine stuff, bumpers, fenders, exhaust, heater boxes, boxes of miscellaneous small parts

ALSO, I have a 71 VW Squareback for sale. It's pretty much rust-free, excellent body, yellow with black interior. It's got a rebuilt 1600. I think the fuel pump is bad, I'd convert to dual carbs if I had the time and I intended to keep the car. It's a stickshift, new clutch, I have a stack of papers and receipts from over the years. It was garaged pretty much all its life, but I need to sell it very soon because I'm moving. I'm asking $1500 for that.
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