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Re: Wiper Arms

Dave Hall wrote:

> Nice list, Per.  I'm short of info on '73 - my Parts Books weren't updated
> after May '72.  I don't know what dealers did.
> > Window chrome moulding: 3132 067284
> Plastic not aluminium?

Yes, possible. THe chrome on my car is certainly plastic coated, but I have
little experience with older 3's, could check out my Bug of course (it's a 68)

> > Door inner operating lever: 3122 000001 (Not USA/Can)
> Black surround?

Probably same as 1303 or/and Passat and Golf of same vintage.

> > Self retracting seat belts: 3122 069322 (Cant remember the proper English
> term
> > for this, or if there is one)  Inertia reel I guess; dealer fitted in the
> UK I think

Inertia reel was the one, Thanks!

> > Instrument bulb socket: 3132 000001 (USA/Can only!)
> Change to plastic holder type?

Someone in the US can answer this?

> > Licence plate light ass'y: 3632 057422 (Variant only!)
> No chrome-plate?

What chrome plate? Oh, of course, I dont have that :-)

> > Self Adjusting rear brakes: 3132 000001 (Sweden only!)
> Well, when you've got to stop for a Moose... !

We have plenty of moose here too, these brakes are surely in conjunction with
the larger 4-pot calipers! The parts for the self-adjusters are 113 parts
though, so used on Swedish Bugs too. Should make parts available?

> > Ratchet inside handbrake lever: 3132 000001
> ?  Not dismantled a '73 yet.
> I suppose standardisation to Golf parts would have brought some of these
> about.

Probably, yes. I could of course see if there are any resemblance to the Golf,
Passat or 1303 ranges.

Jim Adney wrote:

> How about the mid year 73 introduction of the side impact barriers in
> the doors?

I saw these too in the ETKA, they were included in the M-equipment, but not
with any designated country. I chose to leave them out because of this.

73 Variant L

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