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Re: [T3] Wheel Paint

Subject: [T3] Wheel Paint

> Anyone (maybe Jim) know the correct wheel paint color
> for my 67 Fasty? I want to blast and paint the rims to
> their original color, but don't know the paint code. I'm not so concerned
with a perfect OEM match, just
> pretty close. So if any of you have done this and found
> a paint code with a very close match, let me know.

I don't know the color codes, BUT, a word of warning. Back in 1968 when VW
started putting the 4 bolt wheels on the Type-1, they had a serious problem
with customers losing rear wheels. At the time, they did not know what the
problem was, and had the dealers drill all the lug bolts, and safety wire
them. Eventually they found that they were putting too much paint on the
back side of the wheels. If the customer got the brakes hot (drove with the
emergency brake on) the paint would soften,  and the lug bolts would come
loose. We ended up using paint remover to remove the paint from the inside
of all the wheels on 1968 Type -1's.
So just a word of warning, don't get carried away with painting the inside
of the wheel.
Also, this will explain the holes drilled in a lot of lug bolts.

Russ Wolfe

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