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Re: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

On Mon, 15 January 2001, "Jim Adney" wrote:

> Are you sure you're not somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle? I still 
> suspect the trigger points; I'm not convinced that your test is 
> sensitive enough. Still, it could be something else. My guess is that 
> the 2 different brains were rebuilt with slightly different specs, or 
> that one of them has a flaw that ....

I re-wired a few pieces of my old wiring harness last night.  I replaced the 3-wire connector for the FI trigger points and the 2-wire connector for the air temp sensor.  Yes, Keith, I soldered the connections and shrink-tubed over the connections.  With the old connectors off, I I carefully dissected them and found one of the old jury-rigged connections for the air temp sensor was hanging on by just a couple of crusty-looking copper strands.  The rest of the strands were broken.  I could not see this before because the connector had been crimped (sort of) to the wire with one of those plastic-covered in-line connectors.  I had to split it apart with a hack saw to see this flaw.  

I didn't have time to run the car long after this, so i don't know yet if this fixed everything.  Remember, I'm running the old brain right now - the one I was running when I had the intermittent stall/no-start trouble.  With the spare brain I did not get the intermittent stall/no-start, but I consistently lost 1&4 injectors when at or near temp.  I'm thinking that with the spare brain, I never ran or drove the car long enough to observe any intermittent total shut-down.  With the old brain back in, I never lose 1&4, but I am getting the intermittent stall/nostart again.  

So I'm thinking (hoping?) that my original problem was the suspicious connector for the air temp sensor.  And maybe my spare brain introduced yet another problem by causing injectors 1&4 to quit firing.  Too soon to tell if my new wiring solved the puzzler because I did not let it run long.  I'll drive it around town tonight.   I'll want to see a few days of trouble-free operation before I declare it solved.  If it acts up again I'll try a third set of trigger points before trying another brain.  If it behaves, maybe I'll get brave and drive it to work tomorrow.  

> How would you feel about a casual drive over this way? I love a 
> challenge.  ;-)

Don't you want to see San Francisco?  It's supposed to be nice here all week.  Sunshine, light sweaters, no ice or snow,... 

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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