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[T3] T-shirt Update #2

I did not forget about the t-shirts!  I was not able to get with Deanna 
before this afternoon.  I now have the prices for everything and have been 
working on the webpage update.....not quite ready yet.  Thought I would get 
it posted tonight, but no luck.  Should have it posted by tomorrow night.  I 
will send a message to the List.

I got lots of response to making PAYPAL available.....so I have signed up.  
You will be able to use PAYPAL to order your shirts!  The details will be on 
the webpage when I get it uploaded.  I will still take money orders and 
personal checks by mail.  Details for that will be on the webpage too.

Deanna has asked that I give her the orders in batches.  So, I will be taking 
orders between now and the end January for the first batch.  I will bring the 
orders to Deanna on February 1st (plus or minus a day) and delivery will be 
6-8 weeks from then.  It should be quicker, but I don't want to make any 
promises.  After that I will bring her orders once a month, unless I get lots 
at once.

Thanks for your continued patience.....only another day or so til you can 
place your orders.......

John (the T-shirt man) Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)

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