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Re: Wiper Arms

Jim Adney wrote:

> What is the "deeper door recess"? Looks like you got me on that one!
> ;-)

That would be the "bowl" or what you might call it that give room for your
fingers when
you want to open the door from the outside.

Anyways, I just spent 30 minutes here, at the break of dawn, and had a look
through the Electronic parts manual aka ETKA to see what changes were made
during the last two years of production, and I cant believe how many there are!
So naturally, I'm going to list a few, with the VIN the alteration was

Window chrome moulding: 3132 067284
Door inner operating lever: 3122 000001 (Not USA/Can)
Inner armrest (on door): 3122 133001
Seat w/rails: 3122 133001
Self retracting seat belts: 3122 069322 (Cant remember the proper English term
for this, or if there is one)
Instrument bulb socket: 3132 000001 (USA/Can only!)
Licence plate light ass'y: 3632 057422 (Variant only!)
Self Adjusting rear brakes: 3132 000001 (Sweden only!)
Rathcet inside handbrake lever: 3132 000001

As you can see the changes are numerous and often takes place in the middle of a
model year, this comes in addition to other changes noted inprevious posts like
black faced instruments, wiper arms etc. Dont ask me what the changes were good
for (i.e. the window chrome mouldings), the parts catalogue doesnt tell :-( And
to top it all off, there are a lot of parts that are removed from the ETKA,
parts that are NLA.

73 Variant L

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