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[T3] Good Performance and Miles to spare???

Dear List,

    My name is Bobby, I am the boyfriend of Heather
(twinklncat@aol.com) and she recomended me to the
list.  I noticed that you have a lot of knowlege and
I'd like to pick your brain if I may?   I am
interested in building a Type 1 (AX 8mm case saver
case) 78 X 90.5mm (2007cc?) engine using a
counterweighted stock crank (remachined) from probably
DMS, Rimco, etc. and I'm already a proud owner of the
Cima/Mahle 90.5 P&C's set.  I was going to drill & tap
(or have it done) the case for full flow w/ a 4-6 pass
oil cooler and filter.  How many MILES, not MPG but
that would help also, do you think I could get out of
this engine before a rebuild?  

   I am going to run delorto 40mm's or 44, maybe
Webber.  I will probably run a fairly LOW RPM/High
Torque cam like 260-278 degree, and in general be
running below 6000 RPM.  I would appreciate any help
or info you could give me. I have read Gene berg's How
To Hot Rod a VW, well he didn't write it but is quoted
HEAVILY.  I also have the VW interchange aftermarket
book, the new manual that you see at the VW shops. 
And they have helped me a bit, but don't explain how
many miles you will get out of a decently/carefully
built engine, with GOOD oil, and detail (super cool
tin, HD oil pump, Good quality berrings, etc).  Thanks
again for you time and energy!!

Bobby Riggs

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