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Re: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

Mark, you doing everything right, if a rivit on the points has a high
resistance then when the contacts are closed (with the harness unplugged)
you will get a high resistance between the center lug and that side, perhaps
2 or 3 ohms or more instead of less than one.

Jim, see what you think of this theory too... (im just so full of theories,
one of them has to be right!)
2 of the injectors fire at just the right time when the intake valve opens,
2 fire at the wrong time and that mixture has to sit there just a little
before getting sucked in.  SO... if the engine is running too rich or
perhaps too lean it may, at idle, stop firing on the 2 poorly timed
injectors and idle on the other 2, especially after things warm up cause the
warmup on the injection tends to keep things a bit rich.  Once the RPM
increases this theory goes away as the fuel doesnt sit around long enough
before the intake valve opens, the car will the run on all 4 but perhaps not
to the power it should cause its running a bit lean.  This could be a
pressure sensor problem, try swapping that out now, or could be a brain.

Question is HOW DOES IT DRIVE WHEN ITS WARMED UP?  once it starts idling on
the 2?

I remember the idling on 2 problem many hears ago, I dont remember the
outcome, but I think it was a mixture problem... you can replace the head
temp sens with a 5K potentiometer and then manually control the warmup
mixture curve, down to about 60 ohms when hot... THEN, once the problem
starts richen up the mixture but increasing the resistance and see if it
evens out... if it does WALLA... you then know its not a wiring problem with
the trigger points or injectors! and you need to see why the mixture is too

Whew!... and another 36 message to go through before "wildest police videos"


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