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[T3] Paging....beading......parts..... and an update

WoW, never thought I would get an internet "page", hehe. I am glad you are
inspired, and I hope you are getting a goodly amount of enjoyment out of
your project T3 as I am.

 As to the color, it's Seattle Gray, and not a VW color. I will take the
formula to the grave with me, and so will my painters, sworn to secrecy just
like in ancient Egypt and the pharaohs and his minions. I chose not to use a
VW color so that I would never see another T3 or any VW painted the same
color. But I am honored that you would  chose that color out of millions.
Gary Berg was over the other nit (yes, THAT Gary) and said that it was one
of his all time favorites, too. Just call me balloon head!

  About fender beading. I have seen what T3D sells and I believe that it is
similar if not the same as ISPWest,  B&S, and everybody else sells for T3s.
Don't try to use T1 beading, I doubt you would be happy with it. I was lucky
and found NOS black beading for a Notch when I could afford their price. I
am very glad that I have it, I have saved numerous hours 'cuz the VW stuff
is ready to install and fits like a factory part should. I mentioned this in
my latest update on my Notch Progress page. I think that there is a person
that has a bunch of color mismatched pieces but are full sets. I'll see if I
can find his email addy and verify that before I give it out. It does show
up on ebay and the classifieds here occasionally. You would have to paint
the beading when the car was painted so it would match. I feel that the
black looks just fine against my Seattle Gray and will stay black.

The classifieds on this T3 Org. site are very good at having the right parts
and there are some good stuff there right now, like doors and fenders and
hoods. ISPWest has always been really good to me, sometimes I think the
prices are a bit high but then some of your comparable typical 'merican car
parts for some of the older cars are higher. The "cost" of our passions.

 And last, but not least, I just did an update on my Notch Progress page on
my site. Just some of the things that have happened in the last 2 months on
my Notch. But no new pix, well, there is one.

Hope this answers a few questions and helps a few out. I will be adding a
few more bits for sale in the near future. I better get busy, Dave may catch
up to me with his Fasty!!!

  check out my site at

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