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Re: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

> Yes, Steve's description sounded exactly like mine. I tried bending
> the fixed contact, too, and I managed to make it seem to work
> okay, but by the time I got it bent far enough to give the same dwell
> it was so far out of alignment (sort of hitting on the edge/side of the
> contact) that I was worried that it wouldn't be reliable. I didn't like
> the fact that the bent contact might tend to push the moving
> contact sideways.
> How bad was yours bent, Steve, and how long has it been running
> since you fixed it?

Mine was visably bent. It seemed the arm holding the contact was twisted-out
at the top as well. It ran fine for about 6 months after I fixed it. After
that, I bought a rebuilt Bosch dist that came with new trigger points to
correct a different problem.

> Mine left me puzzled because I could never find anything about it
> that seemed worn or malformed. It seemed as if it had just been
> made wrong from the start, but it was definitely different from all the
> others that I had.

Mine wasn't worn either and I'm pretty sure this was the original set. I
thought maybe it could have been caused by a mechanic who was working on a
performance problem and thought that bending the trigger point contacts
would help. Maybe after a few years of wear, the clearance problem
eventually caused the failure.

Steve Bradley
Atlanta, Ga

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