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Re: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

> I couldn't work on it last night (refrigerator problem took precedence),
> maybe this evening I'll know more.  If the wiring is swapped, I agree that
> the problem must be either in the trigger points or in the trigger points
> wiring harness.  A problem with the points themselves seems unlikely to
> me... you should see how clean they are, and I get good open/close
> continuity on the trigger points connector pins at the dist. base when I
> turn the engine over and measure with the VOM.

I respectively disagree. I think your problem is the trigger points.

I had a problem with my '71 FI very similar to yours. When the engine would
heat-up 2 cylinders would quit working. I removed the distributor and used a
VOM to measure conductivity of each side of the trigger points. Using the
rotor as an indicator, I noticed that the points for one side would open and
close later (i.e., larger gap) than the other. The also was the side that
was failing when the engine heated-up.

I removed the points and bent the arm that held the trigger contact for that
side in to close-up the gap.  I performed this exercise 2 or 3 times until
the gap for both sides was the same. When I re-installed the distributor,
the problem was resolved.

I can't be sure if what I did resolved the problem or just removing the
distributor and the points resolved it but, whatever it was, the problem has
not re-occurred.

Steve Bradley
Atlanta, Ga

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