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RE: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

> >I think you're going to find that the 3/4 wiring has gotten swapped
> >and that the problem is with the trigger points. I understand that
> >this has been a LOT of work for you, but you've done a good job of
> >working thru it, and I think your work is just about done.
> Mark, at this point I'm really curious to see how this all works out and
> what the problem(s) turn out to be.  I was experiencing similar problems
> with the FI on our '70 Fasty early last spring (starting just around this
> time of year), and ultimately ran out of patience, money and .. patience.
> =)  In that order.

Yes, I am curious too!!!  So far the only money I have spent on this was $22
for a new cyl. head temp sensor, which turned out not to be the problem.
Patience?  I have patience, but my wife is getting tired of this.  She keeps
humming that silly "Lucille" song.  Fortunately the bus is a good
transportation alternative for me right now.

I did happen to have a spare brain, which has really clarified (I think...)
the issue.  The problem went from progressively worsening
missing/stall/no-start with the old brain to an intermittent cutting out of
two cylinders with the replacement brain.  I haven't had the car stall for
me since I switched brains.  I just lose those two injectors.

With whatever the problem turns out to be, the old brain shut the motor down
completely.  With the replacement brain, the engine keeps running, but on
just 2&4.  Both brains are Bosch rebuilds with the same Bosch part number
("B" brain).

I couldn't work on it last night (refrigerator problem took precedence), but
maybe this evening I'll know more.  If the wiring is swapped, I agree that
the problem must be either in the trigger points or in the trigger points
wiring harness.  A problem with the points themselves seems unlikely to
me... you should see how clean they are, and I get good open/close
continuity on the trigger points connector pins at the dist. base when I
turn the engine over and measure with the VOM.

So far I have learned more about how the FI system works than I ever wanted
to learn in my first year of Type 3 FI ownership.  And it has come all at
once!  But it ain't over yet...

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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