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RE: [T3] Auto Tranny..

Anyone know what Amperage rating would the fuse on the kick down wiring be?

I drove my T3 for years without the Kick Down & never really missed it - is
it worth connecting it up ?
I found that when you kicked down to overtake the tranny would shift up
halfway through' the overtaking manoeuvre. It was easier to shift it down
'manually' with the stick so it holds the lower gear 

Ian Ruinaard

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> From:	Jim Adney [SMTP:jadney@vwtype3.org]
> Sent:	Tuesday, January 09, 2001 5:03 PM
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> Subject:	Re: [T3] Auto Tranny..
> On 9 Jan 2001, at 6:37, LOW40hpVW@aol.com wrote:
> > thank you Jim my bowdin tube wasn't tight at the shifter end and that
> > fixed the problem!
> Congratulations!
> > I found another problem while underneath my Car again late nite
> > tonite.. .
> > 1. On my autotranny the electrical connectoner whatever that thing
> > is.. thats on the top drivers side of the tranny. i know its
> > important.  probably something to do with shifting.  what does that
> > CONNECT TO?  there doesn't seem to be anything that remotely looks
> > like connecting to it on my car.
> It's the connection to the kickdown solenoid. There should be a 
> fused wire that comes from the 12V on the coil, to the kickdown 
> switch, then another wire from the other side of this switch to the 
> connection on the AT. You can drive it just fine without this wiring, 
> the kickdown just won't function. It won't hurt anything, and you 
> probably won't even notice the loss.
> > 2. My Engine ground strap also seems to be non existant and it looks
> > veRy hard to repl
> This you will need to replace. If you don't you will either have 
> trouble starting the car (since there is no good path for the starter 
> current to get back to the battery), or the current will find its way 
> back via some other route that will burn something up. Think about 
> 100 A running thru your throttle cable or the little brown generator 
> ground wire, for example. Or your new AT Bowden cable.
> Fix it now. This is lots less difficult than fixing the damage that a 
> missing one will cause.
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