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RE: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

At 08:49 PM 1/9/01 -0600, Jim Adney wrote:
>I think you're going to find that the 3/4 wiring has gotten swapped
>and that the problem is with the trigger points. I understand that
>this has been a LOT of work for you, but you've done a good job of
>working thru it, and I think your work is just about done.

Mark, at this point I'm really curious to see how this all works out and 
what the problem(s) turn out to be.  I was experiencing similar problems 
with the FI on our '70 Fasty early last spring (starting just around this 
time of year), and ultimately ran out of patience, money and .. patience. 
=)  In that order.

The engine itself in the car was getting towards the end of it's life, I 
came across a fresh T3 1600 with dual carbs cheap... so I gave in somwhat 
to the darkside.  Though in my defense, the carbs are (now) Solex 32PDSIT's 
and the manifolds genuine VW T3 shorties ... factory parts, just not on 
this particular year of car. =)  I'm still struggling with the linkage, 
which is currently a homebrew arrangement because I don't have the right stuff.

I have approximately 99% of the FI components in boxes, still not entirely 
sure what I want to with it.

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