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RE: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

On 9 Jan 2001, at 8:33, Fuhriman, Mark wrote:

> And it is indeed just a pulse.  A tiny pulse.  But enough that I can
> see all 4 injectors getting the electrical signal when all 4 cyls
> fire.  After driving/idling for a while and the engine reverts to just
> 2&4, I get no more pulse at 1&3.  But I do still get the tiny pulse at
> 2&4.  So I am sure that the dead 1&3 injectors, when they are dead,
> are not getting the electrical signal.  And 1&3 go out/come in
> together.

Okay, this is good. I agree that we can quit worrying about the 
injectors themselves.  

> > The problem with this theory is that the 1&4 injectors and the 2&3
> > injectors fire together, not 1&3. This would only be true, however,
> > if the injectors are wired up correctly, so my guess is that the
> > injector wiring is swapped on one side of the engine.
> OK, I am sure that the injector wiring for #1 and #2 is OK because
> these injectors still have their color coded boots over the connectors
> (black in front, grey in back).  But the #3 and #4 injector wiring has
> been cut up and spliced to the point there are no more numbers or
> boots at the ends of the wires.  I'll retrace and check continuity of
> all injector wires back to the ECU to see if they match the FI wiring
> diagram in Bentley.  I'll do the same for the trigger contact wiring. 
> I have a butchered harness I salvaged from my old '70.  The injector
> wiring for 3&4 is still intact, so I think I'll splice it into my '69
> harness some time soon.

I think you're going to find that the 3/4 wiring has gotten swapped 
and that the problem is with the trigger points. I understand that 
this has been a LOT of work for you, but you've done a good job of 
working thru it, and I think your work is just about done.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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