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RE: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

> > > Do all 4 of your injectors LOOK alike?
> >
> > Yes, they are all the same yellow color.
> And do they all look alike. The Bosch ones have nice rounded corners,
> but there are some rather cheap knockoffs with squared-off yellow
> plastic that I don't trust.

This I'll have to check.  I'll pull the injectors tonight maybe.  But again,
when the #1 and #3 injectors go out, they go out together.  I have not
observed just one or the other going out -- and I have been paying close

> > Maybe I can measure the voltages in turn at each injector connector
> > and see if there are any differences... hmm..  Anyone know what
> > voltage I should measure?  Should be the same voltage at
> all 4, right?
> It will just be a pulse, so it's hard to say what you will measure.
> Still it should be pretty much the same on each injector.

And it is indeed just a pulse.  A tiny pulse.  But enough that I can see all
4 injectors getting the electrical signal when all 4 cyls fire.  After
driving/idling for a while and the engine reverts to just 2&4, I get no more
pulse at 1&3.  But I do still get the tiny pulse at 2&4.  So I am sure that
the dead 1&3 injectors, when they are dead, are not getting the electrical
signal.  And 1&3 go out/come in together.

> The problem with this theory is that the 1&4 injectors and the 2&3
> injectors fire together, not 1&3. This would only be true, however,
> if the injectors are wired up correctly, so my guess is that the
> injector wiring is swapped on one side of the engine.

OK, I am sure that the injector wiring for #1 and #2 is OK because these
injectors still have their color coded boots over the connectors (black in
front, grey in back).  But the #3 and #4 injector wiring has been cut up and
spliced to the point there are no more numbers or boots at the ends of the
wires.  I'll retrace and check continuity of all injector wires back to the
ECU to see if they match the FI wiring diagram in Bentley.  I'll do the same
for the trigger contact wiring.  I have a butchered harness I salvaged from
my old '70.  The injector wiring for 3&4 is still intact, so I think I'll
splice it into my '69 harness some time soon.

Thanks so much to everybody who is offering advice here and suffering
through this with me.  I just hope I can get to the bottom of this before my
wife gets too fed up with me spending so much time on the car.  She keeps
threatening to make me buy a Volvo (hmmm a P-1800ES sounds like fun...  and
it's even D-Jet..)

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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