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Re: 69 SB Found

On 9 Jan 2001, at 3:29, Chazpix@aol.com wrote:

> So, no fear Jim- this junkyard allows it's customers to remove our
> own parts- it's the beauty of the place-remove anything you want!
> In fact the old name for these boneyards is Pick-your-Part! On the
> 13th, they are having a 1/2 off all parts sale.(It's a gamble-wait
> and save-or chance having things gone by then) It rained today, so
> hopefully no one has gotten to it yet! 

Just remember to take your special fan puller and 1-3/16" socket 
with you!

> BTW does anyone know if the electrically heated rear glass of the
> 69 will interchange with a 66? Cheers! Chuck

Since you're already 12V, I'm pretty sure it will. Get the wiring, too. 
Before you get too excited, measure the resistance of the window, 
end to end. It was less than 5 Ohms when new, will still be useful if 
up to 10 Ohms, and will be pointless if over 15 Ohms. It probably 
measures infinity. You may be able to repair it if it is just broken in 
tiny spots, but this is usually not the case. Usually by now, the 
conductive portion is just completely GONE. YMMV.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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