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Re: [T3] Both on and off topic. =)

At 12:11 PM 1/8/01 -0600, Jim Adney wrote:
>On 8 Jan 2001, at 8:46, Hal Sullivan wrote:
> > I know there are different
> > numbers of splines on the inner and outer ends of the torsion bars.
> > But, I don't remember how many are on each end, or how much I need to
> > adjust to get things back up where I want them.
>I THINK bug and type 3 are the same, at least it's the same idea. If
>they are really sagging, inspect them carefully, because I find that
>sagging may signal a crack which may fail soon.

I'll check it out, but I'm thinking that it's just another sign of the poor 
maintence given to the car over the years before I got it.  Torn one-piece 
axle boots (probably original to the car), worn out king&link pins, two 
coats of brushed-on housepaint, etc.  I've got some torsion bars that I 
picked up at a garage sale last year, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll be 
what I need if I need one.  (ha-ha! With *my* luck?!?)

>I don't remember how many teeth either, I think it is 31 and 33. At
>any rate you have the right idea, and I believe one tooth forward on
>one end and one tooth back on the other gives you a change in
>angle of 50 minutes of one degree.

Now that I'm more awake than I was earlier, I seem to remember something 
along the lines of 40 and 44 teeth, but I could be wrong; I have a habit of 
storing weird bits of info in the back of my brain, whether it's something 
I think I'll eventually need to remember or not. =)  I'll have to see if I 
can figure out what that 50 minutes works out to in inches at the axle end 
of things.  Hopefully that'll put me in the ballpark, at any rate.

Since I'm going to be working on the back end of the car, I've decided to 
just take everything apart and redo everything.   Paint everything, use new 
hardware, replace the torsion bushings, shocks, trans mounts, shift 
coupler, even the ground strap. =)  I'm going to use the HD cross-shaft 
from my old tranny, as I've broken far too many of those (4) in my three 
years of owning VWs.  The standard replacement shaft I'm seeing doesn't 
even have the arms welded to the shaft, they're just fused!  Eeek...

Anwyay.  Enough rambling.

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