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[T3] early body with irs

the sub frame should fit straight in the hard part is weding the engine
support brackets in the correct position carefull measurments must be taken
before you remove from donor veh and possibly best way to get all this to
fit correctly is to fit the whole lot then weld the brackets in when your
totally happy with there location .

the sheet metal in this location must be sound.

you dont have to remove the old centre rear mount as this to can still be
used with irs albeit with a couple more spacers i found the usefullness of
this mount is debateable.

its not for the faint of heart but the ride after with my adjustable konis
fitted has given me so many grins its lovely.

if you get the whole subframe of the donor inc wheels you can probably tow
it home as the very front has a hole that would fit on a pintle type tow
hook as a whole unit it has good balance on its own i think with stout rope
you could support the engine and trans to the susp towers . broken down this
is a lot of stuff to haul . it would be worth the effort rigging it all up
to keep it together.

why is this veh in the scrapyard!!!

neil verdon 66 sqr on irs pan
best among equals rise to the top.

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