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[T3] Both on and off topic. =)

Well, I did a bit of tinkering yesterday and got the Fasty out on the road 
for the first time in about four months...  kinda nice having an "extra" 
car around =).  Trans in my bug apparently siezed up yesterday while 
warming up the car.  I knew *that* was eventually coming when I bought the 
car a couple of years ago.

Anyway.  The Fasty (1970, carbs) has something screwy going on with the 
charging system,  had it even before the car was parked, and now it's fresh 
in my memory.  The gen light occasionally flickers on, accompnied by 
clicking noises from the regulator.  Also (just noticed *this* one 
yesterday) seems to glow faintly at idle.  I changed the regulator some 
months ago with a known good one (came from my bug when I switched it to 
alternator), with no change.  I changed the generator for another I had 
around, with no change either.  Oh, and I noticed yesterday that it only 
seems to do the flickering/regulator noise bit with the headlights 
*off*.  I'm not too concerned about it as far as things like slight voltage 
spikes/drops go, since I don't have to worry about messing up FI 
components, but I am a bit concerned that I might wind up stranded 
someplace with a dead battery.  I'm going to be driving this car for a 
while until I can get the tranny replaced in the beater/driver.

Which brings me to the somewhat off-topic part.  The rear end of the bug 
has been sagging about an inch, inch and a half.  I plan to readjust the 
spring plates while I have it all apart (also replacing spring plate 
bushings, shocks, etc), and I know there are different numbers of splines 
on the inner and outer ends of the torsion bars.  But, I don't remember how 
many are on each end, or how much I need to adjust to get things back up 
where I want them.  Also can't seem to find most of my manuals, though I 
know they're in a box someplace.  Can anyone give me a clue what I need to 
do here, or point me to someplace where I can figure it out?  I know this 
isn't exactly T3 content, but in my defense, it is the same method for a 
T3, isn't it? =)

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