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Re: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

On 7 Jan 2001, at 22:58, Mark Fuhriman wrote:
> Oh! Oh!  I remember that now.  So tonight I ran out, started the car
> (started right up on all 4), drove around a while, and then let it sit
> on the driveway and idle.  Within a half hour, it was running on just
> 2 and 4.  Unplugged one at a time 1 and 3 to find them both not
> firing.  Verified spark on all 4.  

Try checking the TIMING of the spark for all 4 next time. 1 & 3 
should look alike, timed to the timing marks, while 2 & 4 should 
light up the wide molded spot on the pulley that is 180 deg from the 
timing marks. Make sure that each one is still happening at the 
right time. I don't see how you could get cross firing when 2 & 4 are 
still working right, but this is still worth checking.

> Unplugged the 3-pin connector at the distributor base, hooked up
> analog ohmmeter to look at each side (outside pin and common, other
> outside pin and common) and noted the needle swinging back and forth,
> each side.  So that tells me the trigger is sending an electric
> signal.  Reconnected everything, started the car, and it was still
> running on just 2 and 4.  No 1 and 3.  So it seems the 1 and 3
> injectors don't get their signal to fire when at temp?? 

Just for clarification: #1 is the RF cyl, #3 is the LF. Right?
Here's a thought: What if the 1 & 3 injectors ARE firing, but there 
just isn't enough gas to support combustion? As the engine warms 
up, the FI leans out the mixture, if there were some problem with 
those 2 injectors (flow rate too low) these cylinders would 
eventually stop firing. You could have partially clogged injectors, or 
the wrong injectors, or shabby non-Bosch replacements.

Do all 4 of your injectors LOOK alike?

Have you replaced your fuel overflow hose? What are the chances 
that there has been water in your tank which could have rusted 
some of the injectors?

> Recall that all of this is with a replacement ECU.  Is it possible
> that something in the old ECU couldn't handle 1 and 3 going out, so
> the engine just quit completely?  Seems like the replacement ECU keeps
> the car running on 2 and 4 at times when the old ECU would make the
> car quit and not start.  ???

Hmmm.... Yes, puzzling. Check the 10 digit Bosch number on the 
brains; are they the same? Sometimes more than 1 OE number 
was supplied for a certain VW part #. I didn't think this happened 
with the B brains, though.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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