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Re: Correction 69 Found

On 8 Jan 2001, at 2:05, Chazpix@aol.com wrote:

> You're probably right Jim. 69. When I dropped my 66 subframe,it had 5
> securing points and was simple to drop out of the body.Is the IRS sub
> the same AFAYK? Had not thought about getting the engine/trans- but if
> the early and late subs would match, I would consider doing an IRS
> swap.I'll be grabbing the gen/hous though! They will sell them
> separate.

Because of way the fan is mounted on the crank, I think they'll 
have a hard time selling you just the housing without messing 
something up. If you've got the money and space, I'd go for the 
whole unit.

I THINK the IRS subframe is a dropin replacement for the early 
swing axle subframe, but I've never done this switch. I'm pretty sure 
that there are people on this list who have, however. If you do this, 
you HAVE to switch to a late case with the rear mount crossbar. 
For this you MUST weld in the hanger brackets from the late body. 
Again, I'm pretty sure there's someone on the list who has done 

If this all sounds like too much to switch, I'd just buy the engine.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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