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Re: [T3] CAN I DO THIS?!

This can be done, i was involved in a slow head-on.  It folded my hood and
took the last life out of my front apron...........a local VW store and
supplier had a really earley complete front clip from middle of the gas tank
up.  The hardest part (if u are lucky enough to have found a front clip that
was taken off properly), is to take off the damaged one, i suggest sanding
off all the paint on the outside lip of the apron and feeling my hand for
the spot welds, and drilling them out and prying it apart with a large
screwdriver or bar.  Then when u slide in the new used one, u can just
weld-in all the spots u drilled, thatll make it about as good as new as u
can get.

I actually think there is an easier way, but for some reason (perhaps the
condition of my donor apron??, i cant remember) i didnt do it that way.

i have pics of the b4 and after, but no pics of the process.

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> On 7 Jan 2001, at 12:08, OOoJubeioOO@aol.com wrote:
> > i was just wondering if i can take out the front apron out and spot
> > weld a new one in...cause i had that fender-bender.....get back at
> > me!!!
> I'm sure it can be done, but where will you find a new one?
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