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[T3] solution to wierd uphill to the right prob.


I finally got over a nasty cold I had this week, and got at Betabels weird
troubles. They had been getting worse. To recap, I had (for a while now) a
pronounced stuttering problem when I would veer right uphill. Then, I
started getting a sputtery power problem at speed once the car warmed up.

They seemed like similar, but yet unrelated problems.

This is what I did today:

1) discovered that the crankcase sensor plug wire connection was really bad.
re-wired it.
2) discovered that on #3 cyl injector one of the wires housed in the plug
was just sitting on the tab. fixed it.
3) but some nice clamps over the manifold sleeves, just in case. (I could
hear what sounded like a little air leak from them).

All here weird probs are now fixed.  Yay!

I figure the right turn dealie was the inj. wire shifting with centrifugal


Thanks to all for your suggestions!  the tank one was great, and good to
know for the future!


68 VW Squareback hearse-to-be
  __/[] X []|
  '   O----O-I ~  ~   ~


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