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Re: [T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

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From: Hal Sullivan <tristessa@pon.net>

> At 06:33 PM 1/7/01 -0800, you wrote:
> >Next day the car started again without problems and I let it idle for a
> >while in the garage.  Later I put a spare "B" brain in.  Car started
> >and drove fine around the neighborhood.  After the drive I kept it idling
> >on the driveway.  After around 30 minutes I heard a change in idle and
> >car was running rougher.  I measured spark in all 4 with the inductive
> >timing light.  By unplugging injectors one at a time I determined that #1
> >and #3 are not firing.
> >
> >How are #1 and #3 injectors related electrically?  I'm hoping tt this
> >points to a clue to my old intermittent missing/stalling/no-start
> Trigger points?  I seem to remember #1 & #3 triggered by one side and #2 &
> #4 by the other.
> Or do I get to go directly to jail without passing go and collecting $200?

Oh! Oh!  I remember that now.  So tonight I ran out, started the car (started right up on all 4), drove around a while, and then let it sit on the driveway and idle.  Within a half hour, it was running on just 2 and 4.  Unplugged one at a time 1 and 3 to find them both not firing.  Verified spark on all 4.  

Unplugged the 3-pin connector at the distributor base, hooked up analog ohmmeter to look at each side (outside pin and common, other outside pin and common) and noted the needle swinging back and forth, each side.  So that tells me the trigger is sending an electric signal.  Reconnected everything, started the car, and it was still running on just 2 and 4.  No 1 and 3.  So it seems the 1 and 3 injectors don't get their signal to fire when at temp?? 

Must be something in the wiring I guess.  But why only at temp?  When I let it cool completely, I get all 4 cyls.  Any other possibility?

Recall that all of this is with a replacement ECU.  Is it possible that something in the old ECU couldn't handle 1 and 3 going out, so the engine just quit completely?  Seems like the replacement ECU keeps the car running on 2 and 4 at times when the old ECU would make the car quit and not start.  ???

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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