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[T3] Dead Injectors Puzzler

Thanks to all for your patience with a relative FI novice with the "Won't Start" puzzler.  I may be getting closer, or maybe I threw in another variable that will make this even more cloudy.  

I checked again for bad grounds, broken wires, dirty trigger contacts, etc.  I went out for another road test, and after about an hour the car stopped again, this time at a stop sign.  Resistances of temp sensors was within spec, and the primary and secondary resistances in the pressure sensor were also within spec, which told me the windings in it were OK.  Fuel pump also OK.  Car restarted again after about 15 minutes, and I got the car home.  

Next day the car started again without problems and I let it idle for a while in the garage.  Later I put a spare "B" brain in.  Car started again and drove fine around the neighborhood.  After the drive I kept it idling on the driveway.  After around 30 minutes I heard a change in idle and the car was running rougher.  I measured spark in all 4 with the inductive timing light.  By unplugging injectors one at a time I determined that #1 and #3 are not firing.  

How are #1 and #3 injectors related electrically?  I'm hoping tt this points to a clue to my old intermittent missing/stalling/no-start problem.

Thanks for the help so far!

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 fastback

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