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Re: [T3] Drains by by the windshield question.

On 6 Jan 2001, at 23:54, Mark Healey wrote:

> I finaly replaced my ignition switch.  When I took out the old one it
> was in pieces.  I am amazed it even worked intermitently.

Congrats! What did you do for a a replacement switch?

> Anyway as I was down there I dedided to clean out the drain hoses
> under the dash and behind the fan housing.  Boy they were really
> cloged up.  I got most of the crud out of the hoses and the fan
> housing.  The problem is when the go through the firewall in the
> footwell.  It seems to end with flat metal.  I was unable to shove
> anything through it. 

Uhhh.... Don't push too hard, that's your gas tank. ;-)

The hoses go thru a bulkhead and then stop. About 1cm away is the 
rear face of the gas tank. The water just has to drip down thru this 
1cm gap to the ground. Make sure that you don't push the hoses all 
the way up against the tank when you put them back in.

> Also, how do you get the leaves and junk out from under the vents in
> front of the windshield?

On 71-on use a wire to scrape thing to the rear where I can grab them 
with a large pair of tweezers. On early cars you should be able to 
push a stiff wire down the holes near the car's centerline. These 
point to the airbox outlets and you can often poke stuff out thru the 

If things are bad on the later cars you can have a helper inside 
holding a bucket under the hose nipples while you use a garden hose 
and a wire to poke and flush at the same time. You need the helper to 
guide the bucket and to let you know if it's full or there is some 
other problem.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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