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Re: [T3] Suppressing radio interference

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From: "Per Lindgren" <lindgre@online.no>

> These are still used by VW/Audi, my daily driver Audi (92 model) has
> straps going from left front fender to the hood, even thought there are no
> electric items in the hood, except the small service light, that got it's
> ground wire. Could this be of some anti-rust issue?
These not only help eliminate noise, but all antenna's needs what is refered
to as a ground plane/counterpoise to work properly. In an automobile, this
is the metal body of the car. By adding the bonding strap to the hood and
rear deck lid, this adds to the effective area. Without this bonding, on
certain frequence radio bands, the car could be directional in reception.
If you notice a lot of the modern cars that have their antenna's in the
windshield, they are a dipole antenna with 2 sections. These are balanced
dipoles, and are used, because many of the modern cars use so much
fiberglass and composites in the body, that they actually get poor radio
reception with out it.

Russ Wolfe

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