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Re: [T3] Suppressing radio interference

--- Russ Wolfe <russella@prairieinet.net> wrote: > >

> Check the Volkswagen documents on my web page. There
> are 3 pages of
> documents on radio suppresion from VW. They give all
> the values for
> suppressors at each point in the system.

Thanks for that Russ. There is also a VW document
covering the entire radio installation at
http://www.thesamba.com/vw/type3 (under literature)
which is very interesting although hard to read (the
bit about supporting the rear of the radio using the
airbox was a surprise). They even have a special
replacement set of brush holders fo the wiper motor,
though I don't think I'll go that far. 

There is a difference that's a bit confusing between
the documents. On your vw specs they seem to be
suggesting that you must replace the rotor, and then
suppress the four spark plug leads. In the other vw
document (above) they say to just attach 1K suppressor
ends to the five leads, and don't mention the rotor.
Maybe I'll try the easier option first and see if it

Thanks for the help

Andrew Davidson
Melbourne, Australia
71 Fastback (32pdsit2/3,MT)

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